How to Prepare Your Needle and Thread

In this step I will show you in detail step-by-step how to sew on your hair extensions. First I will show you how to prepare your needle and thread. Next I will show you how to sew on your wig cap, and then finally I will show you in detail how to sew on your weave and lace closure.

How to Prepare Your Needle and Thread

The type of needle that you want to have is called a curved needle or a c needle this needle is extremely helpful when doing your sew in weave. Because as soon as you feed the needle under the braid, it comes directly back out of your braid because of its shape. Also you want to make sure that you have your sewing thread, make sure that your sewing thread matches close or exactly the color of your extensions. The reason why you want to match your thread to your extensions is to make sure that if at all you’re able to see through your hair, which you shouldn’t, you’re not going to see light colored thread.  Also you will need some haircutting scissors.

Cut a piece of extension thread about 48 inches (121.9 cm) long and thread one end through the eye of a curved needle. Pull the thread through until there is an equal amount on both sides, then you’re simply going to take both pieces, wrap it around your finger to create a knot. Take your scissors and just trim directly above the knot.


How to Sew On Your Wig Cap

Next I will show you how to sort your wig cap onto your head, now that you have prepared your needle and thread, you want to take your wig cap and place it directly over your braids. Open up your wig cap and make sure to stretch it over your head until the cap covers all of the braids including your perimeter braid.

Next we will take our needle and thread and sew our wig cap on to our braids. begin sewing on with our needle and thread. Use your hands to feel exactly where your perimeter braid is, and where the base of your actual invisible part will be.

So now that you have your finger position at the beginning of your perimeter braid, we are going to begin sewing the wig cap onto our braids. I’m gonna go through the cap under the beginning of my perimeter braid, and back through the cap, once you do that, you’re going to pull the needle through, and pull the string as well all the way through until your knots stops you.

Once you get to this point you’re going to take your knot out just a little bit to open up the thread, and now this is where we will do our knotting technique, you’re simply going to take one side of the string and wrap your needle around it twice and pull through. This will create a solid knot at the base of my braids. Continue sewing, so as you sew all the way around your perimeter braid you are going to end up at the beginning of your other perimeter braid.

And that is where you want to start to sew around the base of your invisible part to connect to this knot once again. I started on the right side and I begin to sew all the way around my hairline braid going directly behind my head, and also coming back out on the left side until I reached the end of my primitive braid. Now these two small braids in the front as the base of your invisible part.

This is the scalp that will be revealed with the final results and these miniature braids along the way, we’ll have some extensions onto them to form an invisible part. Sew the cap and create an invisible part and then cut a little opening to help you cut up the cap alongside the visible part.

How to Sew Your Extensions Onto Your Head Step-By-Step

Before you begin to sew on your hair extensions, you want to make sure that you measure out two pieces of virgin hair that you must sew first. So first we will measure out a piece of hair, that starts here at our perimeter braid, and it goes directly all the way around our hairline, and ends here at our perimeter braid. Then next you’re going to measure out your second piece of hair, that has to go around the base of your invisible part.

We’re going to sew your hair extensions around your perimeter braid along the hairline of your head. Sew the extensions onto our wig cap which is on our perimeter braid, and when sewing your weave, do our knotting technique. So now that you have sewn the first piece, and you’ve also sewn your extension around the actual base of your invisible part style, you will begin to sew your extensions on the rest of your head, to fill in the space.

You fold over the extension, place it flat at that point where it folds and put two stitches there, and continue to sew until you finish sewing all of your cap. You should only have an area exposed that you will actually sew on your hair to your invisible part base. Take your closure and sew on it with the same knotting technique to your invisible part base, and it’s done.

So to this blog, in this step I showed you how to prepare your needle and thread I also showed you how to sew down your wig cap, how to sew down your weave with closure and how to do the simple fold-over method.



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