TedHair or your first business ” with hair”

Many of the beautiful stars who walk on the red carpet resort to hair extensions. It looks so natural that I am quite surprised and that has led me to start a deeper search for hair extensions.

Hair extensions can be extremely different, from their way of construction, the technique of attaching hair to the quality of hair used. Of course there are hair extensions in all colors, shapes and lengths. Attachment techniques are the ones that make the difference, as many of the adhesives used can damage the skin of the head. Also, hair extensions are not recommended for those who have very thin hair or sensitive skin. Generally, non-clip hair extensions have a  2 to 6 month life time.

There are three major categories of hair extensions, differentiated by the attachment mode: through adhesive, woven and clip-on.

Natural hair extensions are a great quest among women. I really want to use some hair extensions because I would like to have a longer hair than what is currently.

I have not bought extensions so far because I was afraid that I would not be able to choose the color of my extensions, and that’s how we see the difference between my natural hair and the extensions.

TedHair  virgin hair or your first business ” with hair”

I have read about this subject and I have seen that I have to paint them for the same color as my hair. Tedhair is an online store selling such products.   The site uses only natural hair and comes in en gross. I think this is a big plus for us and it gives us extra security to guide us to such sites.


I do not know about business, I think I’ll go bankrupt first. Since Tedhair sells en gross products, I was thinking of start hair extensions business.
I said above that extensions are in great demand. I am sure that such a business can not fail, not even if I deal with it :)).

The hair extensions industry is so complex and isn’t regulated yet. I believe that you must have met a lot of vendors lie about the hair quality. So first thing you need to distinguish good quality hair from poor quality.

In order to support your new hair business, TedHair Factory prepared the 4 New Hair Business Package with luxury virgin hair for you! You Can Start Your Hair Business for just $500.

Packaging is verry important

After you take care of purchasing the products, do not forget that the way packaging matters a lot.

Packaging customization is a crucial element that cannot be neglected. It is also an important marketing strategy to glamorize your hair extensions in order to attract the consumer’s attention. “Brand” is the name, term, design, symbol or any other features identify your products distinct from those of other sellers. Ted Hair has a professional design team that can design the packaging match your market niche.

Well, we all know the importance of a first impression! The hair extension industry is competitive, so it is important to have great hair extension packaging to set yourself apart from the crowds. Having your bundles perfectly packed in our custom hair extension bags is a great start. Your clients will be excited to open their package and be welcomed by a soft, silky, package and see your logo on it.


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