How To Keep Curles On Your Virgin Malaysian Hair Bundles


Malaysian curly virgin hair extensions are known for their softness, the silk in their texture, their shine and their thick quality. It is one of the most popular virgin hair brands in the market. It comes with a luxurious feel, zero tangles and no odor. The hair comes in three makes: the straight, the wavy and the curly.

Virgin Malaysian hair bundles has a reputation of minimal shedding, however curly textures have a normal amount of shedding. Due to its virgin curly texture, it requires more care and maintenance than the straight and wavy makes.

Below are basic steps to ensure your curly virgin Malaysian hair bundles are looking perfect for longer.

How To Care For Your Malaysian Curly Hair:


This hair requires shampooing. When shampooing ensure to use a shampoo with a mild feel and never pack your hair in a bunch while shampooing as the result would be your virgin hair being badly tangled. Wash gently in a vertical motion.

Alternatively, for a more effective washing, wash your virgin hair on a mannequin head. This gives you total control over the procedure. You can be sure you’re doing it correctly, instead of second guessing yourself.

Don’t Dry With High Heat

After wetting or washing, let the curly weave dry naturally. Alternatively, if this doesn’t work for you, you can make use of an ionic hair dryer that has a diffuser attached. Also, make use of straightening iron or curling rods of good quality

Untangle gently

Regularly untangle your hair to maintain the curls. In doing this, part your hair into three of four sections. Gently use your fingers to run through each segment and untangle it. Then comb the hair with a wide tooth comb or broad tooth. Begin from the root and work your way up gently. An alternative to using brush is your fingers.


Ensure your hair is perfectly dry before you go to bed. Wrap your hair together or tie it up to avoid tangling. You don’t want to wake up to a hair disaster.

Swimming and Exercise

After going for a swim ensure to wash your hair to prevent tangles, dirt, sweat and any dangerous chemical that might have gone into your hair. Remember to wear a latex swim cap. Comb out all tangles, beginning from the roots and work your way up gently. Part the hair in two and braid it before putting on the cap. Ensure your virgin hair is neatly tucked inside

Products with Mineral Oils

Avoid products with mineral oils as they can damage your curly weave. Instead use a water based moisturizer that can easily be sprayed.

Never Brush When Dry.

Your curly hair is best brushed wet. Brush only with a wide tooth comb. You can also use a wide tooth comb when the hair is dry, but the hair should be combed a maximum of twice daily.

The above tips are basic helpful tips for women. You desire to fix a Malaysian curly hair weave? Go right ahead. However you don’t want to be handling a hair disaster after a couple of days due to lack of proper maintenance.



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