How to know you are pregnant

Most women notice pregnancy symptoms as soon as they get pregnant. But not everyone has these symptoms. Some get to know they are pregnant after a month or taking a test. If you suspect that you are pregnant, there are several ways to find out. You can do it yourself or go to your doctor.

1.Identify early signs

Knowing the first signs of pregnancy can help to know if you are pregnant. One must have sexual intercourse to be pregnant. In that case, it is necessary to know when you last had sex. This includes considering the kind of sex you had; was it unprotected or protected? If you it was not protected chances of getting pregnant are high. It takes up to ten days after having sex for a fertilized egg to begin implantation. However, taking a test at this time may not prove your pregnancy

2. Missed period

This is common. It is even misunderstood by women because once a woman misses her period, the first thing that comes to mind is pregnancy. Although a missed period could indicate that you are pregnant, women miss their periods on some occasions. That is why it is vital for any woman to keep a record of the last of her period.

3. Take a pregnancy test

The most effective method to confirm your pregnancy is by taking a test. Taking the test after a missed period can be useful as the results are likely to be more accurate. You purchase a pregnancy test kit at your nearest drug store. They are usually found together with the family planning products. The test is usually performed early in the morning just after waking up. If the result is negative, that means you are not pregnant. But if it is positive, you are expectant.

4.Do you have mood swings?

Normally pregnancy chances can cause you to have mood swings. One time you are crying the next you are euphoric. However, not everyone gets these mood swings during the early stages of pregnancy. If you find yourself shouting or snapping at your friends, it could be a sign you are pregnant.
Sore breast
If you thought your breasts only change in the late stages of pregnancy, you are wrong. Nipples can become sensitive and sore and feel heavy soon after you conceive. Such breasts could indicate that you are pregnant.


Most women feel fatigued, and they don’t even realize they are pregnant until when they take a test or so. If you feel like you are exhausted, you could be pregnant. The fatigue can be as a result of the extra pregnancy hormone, progesterone. Although this symptom ought to go away in the second trimester, it is likely to begin yet again during the third trimester.

Pregnancy is the most exciting period for any mother. But it can be horrible when it is not planned for and happens to the wrong couple. If that happens, you can decide to have a test online or with your doctor.


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