Dance to the Music of the Waves with the Perfect Beach Wedding Dresses

Have you always dreamed of having a tropical wedding? How about tying the knot at the beach? If you are someone who craves romantic walks at the beach, then you would definitely love the idea of getting married at the beach! Not only are beach weddings extremely popular all around the world, they are an absolute favorite of the guests as well. Organizing one is not a difficult task, however, finding the perfect wedding dresses can prove to be quite a difficult one! You need to make sure that you and your bridesmaids find the perfect beach wedding dresses in order to fully enjoy your wedding!

You need to choose a dress that will go well with the setting of the beach.

A formal wedding gown would look inappropriate, as it won’t allow you to move freely and will weigh you down. Imagine wearing a beautiful airy dress, kicking off your shoes and letting your feet sink into the sand, the wind playing with your hair while you enjoy the ocean breeze with your soul mate– beach weddings are perfect if you want to spend quality time with your loved ones and make the most amazing memories! However, to make the planning easier for you we have created a short guideline for choosing the perfect beach wedding dresses:


  1. No Formals

When you think of your wedding, the first thing that comes to your mind is your formal, perfectly embellished white wedding gown. However, for a beach wedding, you need to go for something lighter that won’t restrict your movement, and will allow you to move freely on the sand.


  1. The BEST Material for Your Dress

You need to go for a light and airy material that wont weigh you down, and so, silk and chiffon will be the best choices! These fabrics will work well the atmosphere and won’t cause any issues with the sand. So, you can move around freely and dance to the music of the waves!


  1. Essential Features

Comfort should be your top priority when going for a beach wedding dress! However, this does not mean that you have to compromise on its appearance. Go for billowing skirts that will look chic and allow you to feel comfortable whilst maintaining maximum airflow. Make sure that your dress has some lace and slits to complement the theme of the wedding.


  1. High Heels are a NO-NO!

Do not even think of wearing high heels to the beach, as these will keep sinking into the sand and might even make you trip! Go for gorgeous and elegant flats or pumps that will allow you to enjoy walking on the sand, instead of turning it into a chore!


  1. Drape an elegant shawl or scarf

To add some life to your dress, try draping a gorgeous stole around your neck or wrapping yourself with a beautiful shawl. Not only will this keep you warm, but it will also keep those annoying goose bumps at bay!


These guidelines will help you find the perfect beach wedding dress, but do keep your personal style in mind. Find a dress that will complement your personality as well as the theme!




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