Wishlist – peter pan collar dress

Lately I took advantage of my spare time and I went to the stores online.
Gowns have been among my favorites and I do not know why, but most of the time my mouse slips to peter pan collar dress.
 I do not have any such dress at this time, and the pattern attracts me pretty much.
I’ve seen some dresses and I want them.
hope that summer will come as soon as possible and keep as much as
possible. I want to take advantage of every day of sunshine and every
day to wear another dress.

 Is not that so, she’s so cute? This pattern makes me think about doll dresses.

 Another peter pan collar dress that drew my attention is this red dress.
 It’s a dress that suits so well, both a stylish outfit for an event and a casual outfit. This dress works so well in a city outing with the family but also properly accessorized it can turn into a dress of events.
 And the best part is that the price is a very small one that urges you to buy it.

And because here is a wishlist, and once you enter a site, you are clearly attracting as many products as possible.
I could not leave the page until I put another dress on my list.
The latter made me think exactly the dresses they wore, the lace of Peter Pan.

 I chose 3 models, as if I would choose something else, but clearly I get these for the time being.
  What do you think about this dress model, what would you wear?


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  1. Sunt deosebit de frumoase ,sunt superbe ! Si da ,le-as purta pe toate doar ca trebuie sa mai scap de cateva kg bune pentru a arata bine in ele . Felicitari pentru alegere !

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