Dreaming of summer.

Andreia dreaming of summer.
Frankly I am tired of the cold, and I want sea, sun.
I do not know but like, I’ve never been so eager to blame the heat.
Maybe because the cold came much earlier than usually and then you caar and summer, must come soon 🙂
That’s my point of view but who knows when it will be stubborn, she come
 The truth is that those at. It Stylewe fueling this desire of mine.
Always receive newsletters with new models swimwear .How to refuse something, you love the sea and summer.

 I do not know what to wear this year. I just know that I want something different than in previous years.
I beat all thought for years that I want a suit in one piece But still I want to tan, I said love the sun. I have white skin and large, I want to steal all the sun.
Anyway I have to take my example and guided by these  Fabulous women  Style. At their age so well and look so fashion is wow .

And because I can not decide yet, please help me

knows what designs you like, what you wear swimsuit?

 These two, the latest models, like approaching my requirement. It’s still one piece, and leave plenty of leather and tanning hides the tummy 🙂 that is not only just, poor.



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