You wear skirts during the cold season?

This year, which ends immediately I decided to wear as many skirts and dresses.
During the summer I managed to keep my promise, but now they gave the cold, not really managed to wear a skirt.
The weather is too cold and frosty -18, and not really weather, short mini skirts  2016.
This is one of the skirts, which I would wear them anytime and anywhere . Her lace seems very elegant, but all at once and very casual.

I think this skirt was created specifically for these holidays.It leads me to a Christmas costumes.
Brighten up the holiday season by experimenting with more vibrant and exhilarating colors! Let’s take a break from the usual monochromes and go for something a bit more diverse.
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This skirt is very fashion and can go worn during this period.
The material seems thick, color is colorful, get out of anonymity. I would like to add my wish list.
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