Cocomelody wedding dresses

This year I expect at least 2 weddings. Possibly also count, and a baptism. I’ll be aunt, better are the grandchildren and now my husband’s aunt but this year I will become my brother’s daughter aunt. Uhh not tell you how excited are. Initially they said they would do and wedding this year and I panicked. What ??? sister dressed groom should look as good as the bride :))

My sister-in-law  was asked to help them find the perfect wedding dress
One of the biggest decisions you have to make as the wedding approaches
is choosing the perfect wedding dress.

Cocomelody was my first decision.The dresses from cocomelody besides quality are, you can customize as you wish. You can change the color, size but also to customize exactly how you want yourself. as you dreamed your whole life..

 Another way of choosing your  wedding dress is to follow  annual trends and be sure you are one of the beautiful brides. .2016 Wedding Dresses 

Most weddings are summer, I, I did exactly winter in February. But how beautiful is a summer wedding, beachfront oh so romantic.
 Staying in the mountains and the wedding was winter and snow. Staying at sea, certainly the wedding or civil ceremony on the beach in a romantic setting.
Here are some beach wedding dresses that I picked for  wedding:



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