Human Hair Extensions

UU hair extensions are the current hot hair trend! They instantly add some length or volume to your natural hair texture without looking unrealistic.
Women are using hair extensions for different reasons: for adding some instant length to a short hair or volume to their natural hair. Also, women can add extensions to achieve colored highlights without damaging their hair.

Clip in hair extensions  are the most commonly used hair extensions. They are easy to be used and all you have to do is clip it on the roots of your hair. You can choose from different textures and colors.  If you ever dreamed for habing the smoothest and finest long blond or dark bown hair like a Disney princess, well these human clip in hair extensions are the ones that will give you a great transformation that no one will observe unless you tell your secret 😉
Don’t worry, just stay calm and apply carefully your extensions! They will give you volume, wavy curls or perfect curls, bold colour or ombre splits… all you need for a perfect look. They are very easy to maintain and wash and strong to your high curling iron temperature.But what I like the most, is that hair extensions now are made from human natural hair and don;t look synthetic, the colour being a perfect match to your natural hair tone. 

Chestnut brown hair extensions  is very popular among both black and white women. It requires more time for app chestnut brown hair extensions lying but it can easily last until 2 months. It is woven or glued into the hair from the track.



  1. interesant articolul 🙂 cat am reusit sa inteleg 🙂 nu sunt as in engleza 😉
    eu nu am folosoit si nici nu folosesc extensii insa am vazut la nepoata mea cum isi pune extensiile si cum ii schimba infatisarea 🙂
    pt fetele tinere sunt practice pt ca ele sunt dornice de o schimbare sau de schimbari 🙂

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