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Today I want to tell you about the time that you want to shine. Whether for prom, wedding or party best friend of fancy work colleagues. Regardless of the multitude of events required to attend must not forget that for fun, you should feel good when you look in the mirror. And how could you not do that if you wear the dress above, for example?
In my opinion it is a decent dress that fits both an event and in the most exclusive club. I say a selection event and here I refer to lace dress that help you to be elegant and stylish dress.

I have always admired the stars on the red carpet at any awards ceremony because I knew for sure that I will see a fashion suitable for any kind of woman (not all artists are “slender” so the models on the catwalk – thanks God! ). And so it happens. Inspiration can come from there especially because what we see is a result of many days of preparation and search for the perfect lipstick is a chromatic tone blush in her cheeks and the list goes on. Helped me much because I try to take one element from each side and the result is amazing …

When you go to a party important and elegant long dress you out of the impasse but what do you do when you have a party at the club and want to look elegant and sexy at the same time?
Dressve clubwear dresses is the solution, here you can find great dresses at super prices. 

This dress looks great as it is sexy and elegant at the same time. Lace is perfect is fabulous.
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  1. imi plac toate dar m-a cucerit cea alba sau crem ce culoare este 🙂 celelalte sunt prea provocatoare pt o babciune ca mine 😉 trebuie sa ai si forme pentru asa rochii 🙂 ceea ce eu nu am 😀

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