Shoespie here’s universe shoes!

The weather this fall is very fickle, now the wind now is the sun … I’m looking for shoes
So, ready for the nasty autumn weather or not? Well if not, don’t worry because i’m not either!
I mean, lately i’ve been having some bad luck and not to mention lack of time so my shopping sessions were only online this time, but most of my packages are even  now on their way so in a way or another.
 So, in order to remake my shoe closet, i have decided to take a good look at some new pairs from the heaven of shoe lovers and here’s what i found for you:
these are the first three pairs of shoes that I liked at first. if further site and each page in a row we’ll definitely find other models more cute  and interesting.
They are perfect for capricious weather. Perfect for rain, perfect for selling perfect for any weather.This heel is not very tall so I think they are very comfortable.

                     These boots are perfect for winter. They are furry and looks super

 These boots are perfect as they are beautiful to me. I like their color. sole, heel, all model. 
A I like even the price. It only costs $ 35.99

And because there’s less to Christmas already were shoved discounts. How not to take advantage of  
Discounts between 50-90% how to not take advantage of the offer? Nice part is that these cuts are not just for us ladies … we can find shoes for children. Who has even a child knows what his child buy quality shoes at very good prices.
Usually Christmas and New Year we dress and boots as nicely so this year we have something new and cute.
And if not I surprised with Christmas offers. then go a little further and we can already buy shoes that we wear for valentines day.
So if you do wanna impress your friends and boyfriend, stand up to the glam and sparkle down the red carpet like a diva in some really stylish and fashion ankle boots and pump like this ones:

Very sexy these pairs and are discounts from 50-85%. 
I’ve got to be honest with you: i’m in love with all this pairs! 
Very hard but I could decide on a pair of shoes. Transport is free so what are you waiting for. Spor shopping and buy the head only quality products. 


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